Medicare Supplement Plan G 2018

One of the supplemental Medicare plans that are often recommended to those who are eligible is Medicare Supplement Plan G in 2018. This plan comes with a lot of coverage and a high premium. But it can still be a great way to save money on your medical bills.

How Plan G Works for You

Medicare Supplement Plan G 2018Only Plan F offers more coverage than Plan G does. Maybe you don’t think you need all that coverage, but it if worth looking into exactly what coverage is offered before making your decision.

Plan G provides you with coverage for the cost of staying in a hospital room. It also covers your nursing care, hospice care, three additional pints of blood, some medical tests and procedures and 80% of foreign medical care. It will also take care of many out of pocket expenses like Part B excess charges, and all co-payments. The only expense it leaves you with from Medicare’s list of approved supplemental coverage is Medicare Part B’s single deductible.

The amount of this deductible is only $183 (2017), once per year. Therefore it’s likely worth your while to have that expense to pay without having to opt in for Plan F’s costlier premiums.

The Benefits of Medicare Supplement Plan G in 2018

Each plan suits different people well. If you have a lot of medical expenses and health problems then plan G could be right for you. It offers nearly comprehensive coverage and at a lower rate than Plan F. If you can find the right insurance provider who is offering a lower rate for Plan G, it can save you quite a bit of money each year.

You can always switch out your plan later as your health changes or you decide that more or less coverage is needed. But if you want to save money right now, then the best thing to do is to compare prices from the various insurance providers. Each one of them offers the exact same coverage as their competition. You won’t get less coverage from Medicare Supplement Plan G 2018 just because you chose a different insurance provider or a lower cost rate.

So it serves your best interests to find the company that is offering the plan you want at the absolute lowest price available. That’s how you are going to see the most savings over time. And we can help you find those savings and that low-priced plan.

Through our website, we offer a free quote generator that sources the prices on the plan you want from local insurance providers for which you are likely eligible. To get instant online Medicare Supplement Plan G 2018 Rates  just enter your zip code below.


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